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Alright, guys! As of now, I am taking requests for icons and banners, but I'm going to lay down some rules outlining what you can and can't ask for, and what you need to do to make a request. I don't expect to inundated or anything, just need some ground rules. ^___^

→ ☆ Try and keep your request with something you think might be along the lines of my interests, or something I've heard of before. I'm not ruling anything out, but I want to be able to fulfill your request, which means it'll be better if I'm familiar with the fandom/person/whatever you're asking for. Also, in case I'm not familiar with the subject, list their name for me. ^^
→ ☆ Try to keep the request itself reasonable. I don't mind doing a banner and a few icons, but please don't ask for fifty banners and 200 icons. ^^; That could be a little tough.
→ ☆ Please provide some images to work with, if at all possible. Whether you just link me to a website that has a gallery, or whether you post a picture itself, it'll be extremely help to me!
→ ☆ Be detailed in your request. In order to fill it in a way that we'll both be happy with, I need to know what you want.
→ ☆ Lastly, let me know if you'd like the request to be sharable, or limited to just you. Either way is fine, I just need to know!

Alright, got it? Awesome sauce! Just comment here with your request, and things'll start hoppin' soon enough!
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