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Sailor Graphics

An icon community by Sailor Icon

Sailor Icon's Graphics
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A community for Sailor_Icon to post graphics.

Player's Name: Raven | Sailor Icon
Player: koohii_cafe | sailor_icon
AIM: oregami heart/tsukino moon
Email: easternelvenlady@yahoo.com
Time Zone: EST

Name: Sailor Icon
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Version: Alternate Universe

Sailor Icon was born in the mind of a young woman named Raven during Raven's college years. Due to the influence and direction of good friends, Raven chanced upon a copy of Paint Shop Pro 7. After spending hours and hours of delight with this new program, she began to produce her first icons. Finding a need for a place to post her icons, she created this journal, and thus began a legacy.

It's been quite some time since Sailor Icon has updated regularly, but after the loss of her hard drive and all of her old graphics, she has once more began to churn out them out. Now, armed with Paintshop Pro X, her graphics have hopefully grown in quality since that humble beginning so long ago. And her forum of choice? Here, at sailor_graphics of course!

★ Please make sure to credit me, sailor_icon @ sailor_graphics!
★ Feel free to join and/or watch the community, that's what it's here for!
→ ☆ However, only sailor_icon will have posting access.
★ Hotlinking is bad, and Sailor Icon will cry. You wouldn't want that!
★ Please comment, I've love to know what you think!
★ Most important of all, enjoy!

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All graphics made by sailor_icon @ sailor_graphics unless otherwise stated.
Resources for graphics are listed here.
Profile layout inspired by all_fics